Company Vision

Our aim is to provide software services to online sellers, for an affordable and reasonable price.

We like to build relationships with our users, so they have a system that is tailored to their needs. Helping to make their order fulfilment more efficient and stream-lined.

Many of our users have been with us for 10 years or more, and have built their business around Packing Partner.

We intend to continue developing Packing Partner for the benefit of our users, for many years to come.

Business Ethos

We use an ethical and fair-minded approach towards business. We value true customer service over all else.

Our primary considerations for any business decisions are: 'How would I want to be treated?' and 'Is it fair?'

We believe a business that makes a profit, has a responsibility to use some of it to help others.

Much of the profit that is made from Packing Partner, is donated to charities and voluntary organisations.

We mainly donate to welfare charities, both for people and animals. These are the areas that we consider important to support.

We can't just take without putting something back, and enjoy doing our little bit towards that ethos.


Aimco Software was started by Andrew Constant in 2006, in response to eBay sellers needing a simple way, to create shipping labels.

For 15 years before, Andrew was a programming consultant. Working on many diverse projects, including number plate recognition, GPS mapping and medical statistics.

Packing Partner has never stopped being developed. It has evolved from a simple label printer, into the multi faceted fulfilment solution, it is today.

In 2017, Andrew was joined by Ben Norris, who had coded his own fulfilment solution. Taking a fledgling online business from the back room of a shop, to a multi million pound business.

Ben's experience of online retail and his skill at server coding, has enabled Packing Partner to expand into providing cloud based features.


Aimco Software
Penygraig, Cwmann
Lampeter, SA48 8EZ