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Transferring to a new PC

Transferring to another PC

Before Transferring:
Please Email us for a link to download the main installer

On the old PC:

  • Open Packing Partner>Tools>Options>System and click Data Folder, this will open an explorer window

  • In the explorer window, copy all files and folders except settings.dat to a shared folder or memory stick.

On the new PC

  • Open Packing Partner>Tools>Options>System and click Data Folder

  • Close Packing Partner and copy and replace all files and folders from the copy you made.

  • Re-open Packing Partner and you should have all your layouts and settings imported.

Transfer the subscription
Once you are happy that everything is working correctly on the new PC, contact AiMCo with both serial numbers. We can then transfer your subscription from the old to the new PC.
Once your subscription is transferred, you will not be able to use Packing Partner on the old PC.


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