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Express Collect Server Status

Express Collect Server Status

26-02-2021 13:30

  • Issue: Express server is not running

  • Status: Resolved at 13:45pm

14-10-2020 08:00

  • Issue: Express server is not running

  • Status: Resolved at 08:20am

27-09-2019 14:55

  • Issue: eBay servers are running slowly

  • Status: Orders should start coming through

03-09-2019 09:30

  • Issue: Server showing accounts as expired

  • Status: Fixed, please Email us if you are having any additional issues

10-07-2019 13:00

  • Issue: eBay sales are not being marked despatched

  • Status: All sales should have now been despatched on eBay. If you have sales in Failed status in the Express tab, you can either mark them completed, or send for despatch again which should also clear them into Completed status. Both options available from right-click menu, when in the Failed view of Express.

14-06-2019 11:30

  • Issue: Amazon have revoked user's private developer tokens

  • Status: User will need to change to using our developer tokens, please Email us for directions on how to do that.

08-03-2019 20:50

  • Issue: Express Server behind on gathering

  • Fixed: All accounts should now be up to date


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